domenica 13 novembre 2011

I'll keep a welcome outside my door

Sharing's good, sharing's fine 
But no one wants to share this world of mine 
Is dull, dark and grey 
And no one wants to find the way 
To my front door is always open to you 

Hey now life, give me a break 
For much more of this I cannot 
Take me to a far off place 
Where there's no rich or poor 
And every house has got an ever open door 

I want to find my direction 
I want my love and affection 
Yes I'm needing it more and more

I want to find my own answers 
it's time I knew what my plans were 
I'm going to find out what I'm looking for 

I'm gonna take all my chances 
Gonna make my advances 
Gonna see what my life has in store 

I've got a feeling inside me 
I'll put the past way behind me 
Pick myself up from the floor 

I want my sun in the morning 
Want my friends to come calling 
I'll keep a welcome outside my door 

Supetramp, 1985 Ever Open Door

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